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when we learn something new in life, we are taught by someone who is meant to have accurate knowledge about the topic he is teaching.

On the whole people who teach are supposed to have the abilities to give you new information that will enable you to make headway.

Nonetheless nowadays, teaching is very fashionable, very popular, it makes it easy to find out all around the world new coaches, new speakers, new teachers. We can discover that we are well into the coaching industry, everywhere on this planet there is a heap of sought-after coaches, but most of them teach without knowing in depth.

Actually it is worth mentioning most of them know nothing or next to nothing. If you have a look at the town where you live, you see a throng of self-development coaches, a great number of them are ineffective.

How come? Because in the main they have not learnt deeply and long enough what they do want to teach. Firstly they teach without mastering the information they give you, secondly they have hardly ever practised their knowledge, overall they have jumped the gun.

In order to teach anything to anyone, the magic formula is LEARN DO TEACH, that is the rule of thumb.

Learn first, it may seem weird to say that but it is totally obvious, you must learn first, you must know deeply and thoroughly what you intend to teach later on. In the academic system it is not a real problem because teachers are graduate, they have studied for years what they teach.

However in the private coaching industry diplomas are not necessary and not compulsory, it is the reason why very often you can come across many coaches who have neither accurate knowledge nor experience, they have learnt their occupation on the job. Needless to say, it is one of the reasons why you find so many coaches, it is a real opportunity to make money and for some of them to make a fortune.

After learning, the next step is to DO what you have learnt, practise it, master it, do it over and over again til you become an expert. How could you imagine someone teaching you how to speak a foreign language, how to play tennis, how to play the guitar without doing it, without practising, in doing so you will acquire high credibilty and competence.

Credibility entitles you to teach and spread your accurate knowledge, moreover your students will have a much higher level of confidence in you as well as in themselves, they will be even more motivated, because they are convinced that their teacher is very proficient.

Students who look for a good teacher end up finding him or her, that’s for sure.

Does the adage not tell: “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”

It is necessary that the teacher acquires great experience, he has dealt with many situations, handled many pitfalls, overcome hurdles. Soon thereafter he gets the authority, the credibility, an experience which permits him to teach with legitimacy.

On top of that his or her experience will be very helpful for his or her students. Too many coaches, teachers, whatever name you may call them teach immediately by jumping the first steps.

Then the last step is to TEACH, henceforth they have the abilities to teach you what they have already mastered. In addition when you practise consistently, the common saying “practice makes perfect” makes sense, but the right formula is rather perfect practice makes perfect.

I have brought up this particular issue in one of my previous posts, take a glance at it (click here). Perfect practice will give any teacher worth his salt more proficiencies, and it will make him or her more flawless. Does it make sense to you?

At the end of the day if you intend to become a coach or a teacher in the coaching industry, learn the magic formula, LEARN DO TEACH, you will be able to be more skilful than others.

On the other hand if you wish to undergo seminars, buy products in self-development or learn new skills in any area, check up and make sure before, that your teacher has LEARNT DONE and TAUGHT.

Remember that “You can’t judge a book by its cover”


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