Practice makes perfect is it really true?



That is a great quote but is it really true? In all likelihood we usually reckon that by doing the same action we will acquire new abilities and will end up being perfect.

In a way it is true, after a while you will have acquired some competence by doing the same thing all the time, nevertheless we have to consider one thing.

You can apply the same pattern and never achieve perfection.

Because on second thoughts, there is evidence that practice does make you make progress, but you can do it in a wrong way and never reach the objective you are focusing on.

Actually the right formula should rather be:


That is utterly true, not the other way round, you have to practice in an accurate way, only in that way you can acquire great outcome.

So let’s carry on, shall we?

How can I practice in an accurate way?

You have to listen to people who know what YOU are learning, people who have acquired a TRUSTED AUTHORITY in your domain. Thereby you have to model without fail what they do and how they do it.

I’ll give you an example, if you want to play tennis very well you have to copy the best, in copying Raphaël Nadal over and over again, you can get a high level of competence as long as you get on with tennis. In doing so your practice will be better and better, as a result your practice will evolve into a perfect practice.

You may apply this strategy in any field any activity any knowledge.

Modeling is the key, you must be cognizant that the best people in their field copy and imitate the best, those who have already been successful.

« success leaves clues »

Anthony Robbins the most sought-after coaches in the world has been teaching this strategy of modeling for decades and those who have applied it thoroughly have succeeded.

What do children do when they learn their mother tongue? They imitate and model their parents and what is the outcome? Does practice make them really perfect?

As I said they have improved, it is a fact but it does not necessary stand for that they are good speakers. In fact it always depends on who you listen to, whether your parents are lawers or workers for instance you can easily imagine that basically the outcome will be different. As a matter of fact the way of speaking, expressions, vocabulary, eloquence and so on will be unlike.

Thus who you listen to, who you copy will give you different results, thereby perfect practice, perfect training will produce perfect outcome.

Do it and let me know what you think, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Do not forget to find out where the perfect practice is and who can teach you this perfect practice, then you will be able to really say:


Ta-ta for now

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