How to make money online fast?

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Nowadays a growing number of people feel like starting up an online business, henceforth when you surf the net you stumble on countless sites, blogs, products and so forth, it is fashionable. It may also be a great opportunity for anyone who is unemployed or skint to earn his keep online.


As you decide to build up your own online business you come across a crowd of advice, courses, information, they are not all useful. However you have to know some basic principles which will prevent you from making mistakes and you will be streets ahead of hundreds people.

You are going to unearth some information, basically when someone begins setting up his or her site/blog, the majority of people wastes their time and their money. It may take a turn for the worse because huge amount of money can be spent to create a site.

what does it mean?

They are completely focus on the design of their site, they want it to be as beautiful as possible, as unique as possible. There is nothing wrong with that because your own enterprise, site, company, is a part of yourself, you see yourself in it, generally it deals with your own ego, mind you.

But you have to figure out that the design of your site has nothing to do with the amount of money you can earn.

All in all the richest men over the internet have begun with almost nothing, the most important thing is not your site, but TRAFFIC. Do not spend your time and your money on design, set your heart on traffic otherwise your site is doomed from the start.

If you take a glance at Anthony Robbins’s site or Jack Canfield’s site for example, they are both very successful and popular even though their sites are very simple and quite basic.

Traffic is the keystone and the stepping stone to success.

How to build a profitable online business?

First at all you have to find a niche where there are not too many competitors, then in order to expand your traffic it is absolutely necessary to have KEY WORDS.

The bottom line is a simple formula, CTPM.

This stands for Content-Traffic-Presell-Monetise



You may recognize that the most efficient sites use this formula. Content first, if what you bring up is not relevant, nobody comes back to your site. Good content with key words can generate tons of traffic, millions of page can be viewed per month.

Immediately you have to build an heartfelt relationship with your visitors, which essentially means treating visitors like human beings instead of sales targets. People visit your site looking for ideas to improve their lives.

Finally after creating a genuine relationship with your visitors, this process is called STORYTELLING, you can monetise your services and products.

Critically important is the CAPTURE PAGE, it enables people to sign up with their name, their email address, so you will be able to write to them regularly (emails, newsletters) and automatically thanks to an AUTO-RESPONDER. Very often they forget the capture page, without it you cannot monetise your products.

In short the nuts and bolts you have to know to make it work are:


That’s enough, tons of americans marketers have made a fortune only with that formula, the others aspects are irrelevant.

Focus your mind on this particular strategy and you will make money faster than you could have ever dare imagine, after that you will be able to muse about new things such as design, customizable templates, graphic, and so on.

Model this proven strategy, it is the best way and the fastest way to make your online business grow and thrive.


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