Leaders are good followers first!


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Leaders are good followers first!

Generally speaking followers are critised, because it is said they have no personality, they follow others, they do not think and act by themselves, they behave like lemmings.


If you wish to become a leader you must think for yourself, act on your own, that is for sure, nevertheless you have to learn from mentors or leaders first. Everyone has to learn before acting (have a look at this article Learn Do Teach).

Everybody on planet earth learns first, whatever field it may be we have to learn first which means in a nutshell be a follower in the first place.

What do children do?

They duplicate what their parents teach them to do, first and foremost, the language, children learn their mother tongue by duplication, therefore by following suit.

What do people do at school?

They duplicate what they learn, knowledge is acquired by following suit your teachers, your mentors, your professors and so on and so forth during your life every time you do want to take up a new activity.

What do people do when they learn their job?

They learn by following suit too, you learn first, you are an apprentice first before mastering your occupation.

As a rule of thumb we always follow our “teachers” before doing something. As a matter of fact we all do that without a shadow of a doubt in any realm (job, politics, music, art, sport…).

The best thing to do in order to be a leader and become successful is to be a good follower first.

Listening more is the key, the gist is to reach your goal and your objective, no matter how long it takes.

First and foremost follow your teacher, your mentor, learn as much as you can, consistently. Model them, afterwards take action and implement what you have learnt on a regular basis.

Becoming a leader may take time, be a broad-minded follower is the first stage.

To help you achieve that goal, the concept you have to know is called the teach ability index :

Two steps, the first one is your willingness to learn, if you do not have a high willingness to learn it stands for that your willpower to learn is weak. Thereby you are not a good follower because you can be probably interested in reaching your goal but not committed.

Commitment is the key and the stepping stone of any success and achievement.

The second step is your willingness to accept change, which stands for in short that you have to do things differently. If your willingness to accept change is low you are going to learn next to nothing, you are not a perfect follower, thus it is impossible to become a good leader.

If you want to learn more about the teach ability index concept, take a glance at this article here.

Each leader in any industry learns before applying what he has learnt, they stalk their objective obsessivly.

Napoleon Hill applied what he had learnt from Andrew Carnegie, he followed his mentor first and became a leader later on. Throughout history you can come up with countless examples which validates this theory.

The bottom line is the best leaders in the world have been good followers first.

You want to succeed in any endeavour, you do want to become a leader, be a good follower first. Choose your mentor and learn from him or her, you will acquire the skills, the attitude of that leader and sooner or later you will be a leader too.

Implement this method which truly does work, there is no shortcut, you are henceforth on the right track.

To your success

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