Think and grow rich


Hello everyone,

“Think and grow rich”

This is the magical formula.

Doesn’t that sound mighty?

What’s the catch?

It sounds to good to be true, I am not going to promise that I will make you a millionaire overnight, nonetheless your thinking will make you rich or not.

Napoleon Hill who wrote the book “Think and grow rich” brings up the topic of wealth and explains throughout his work how to become a millionaire. He claims and proves that it is how you think and how you make your brain work which determine your result in life.

First and foremost you must feed your brain with good stuff, one the most efficient techniques turns out to be Auto-Suggestion. Your inner self-talk must be built with positive statements, suggestions which will empower you and influence your subconscious mind.

« It’s Not The Money, It’s The Person You Become »

In his book “Think and grow rich”, Napoleon Hill explains the 13 principles you have to follow as a way of being rich. This proven method truly does work and I encourage you all to implement it, you will have tremendous outcome, that’s for sure.


Here is the money-making secret in 13 principles:

- Desire

- Faith

- Auto-Suggestion

- Specialized knowledge

- Imagination

- Organized planning

- Decision

- Persistence

- Power of the Master Mind

- The mystery of sex transmutation

- The subconscious mind

- The brain

- The sixth sense


Desire: you have to want it. First of all you must have a burning desire, which drives you towards your success, you crave for reaching your objective.

Faith: you must believe in your project and believe that you are bound to achieve your goal. « Faith is to believe what you do not see, the reward of this faith is to see what you believe ».

Auto-Suggestion: use affirmations to reach your goal. Feed your mind to make sure that your subconscious mind will be nourished in a positive way. There is a bond between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, repetition is the key.

Specialized knowledge: gain experiences and continue learning. You must acquire specialized knowledge in your domain, be proficient in your field.

Imagination: come up with ideas and visualise your success. Imagination will enable you to be creative, it is the source, the fuel, limitless and it will entitle you to overcome any pitfalls.

Organized planning: take action. Organized planning will allow you to be on the right track, without a map you will end up somewhere else.

Decision: defeat procrastination with decisiveness. Without it you do nothing, go for it.

Persistence: do not stop until you get what you want. In a nutshell never give up to reach your goal.

Power of the Master Mind: surround yourself with the best.

The mystery of sex transmutation: choose a compatible partner.

The subconscious mind: master positivity and dismiss negative emotions.

The brain: associate with other smart people and learn from them.

The sixth sense: trust your gut.


If you follow these stages consistently with a total commitment you cannot fail.

First you must be convinced that your mind and your thinking are the keystone of any success, remind you that quote « if you think you can or if you think you can’t either way you’re right ». Your belief system makes you succeed or fail.

Another significant element in order to become rich contrary to widespread opinion, it is not how hard you work but how SMART you work.

In his book “Think and grow rich” Napoleon Hill shows that it is not “work hard and grow rich” but THINK and grow rich, think in a good way and become rich, this is the real process.

Throughout history and all around us there are countless examples where those who have worked the most are not necessary those who have achieved the greatest wealth.

Change your beliefs first, they are the roots of any achievement, take a glance at this article « change your thoughts and you will change your life ».

Do it and your life will never be the same.

To your success

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Follow your dreams believe in yourself your life will never be the same”


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