Change your thoughts change your life


Hi everyone,

New topic today, you want to change your life, change your thoughts first.

“If you continue to think what you always thought you continue to get what you always got”


If nothing changes in your life, it is due to your thoughts, you probably think what you have always thought and your vision of the world is always the same. You have to change your vision, your position, thereby you will see the world differently and things can evolve right away.

How can you do that?

In order to change your thoughts, you must talk to yourself differently, your inner talk is the keystone, in doing so you will ingrain new words therefore new ideas.

Speech patterns are one of the keys, you want to change your life nevertheless you are always used to saying, “it is impossible, I cannot reach that, I am not proficient at this, I am too old” or whatever else, that’s the wrong and the worst thing to do.

Henceforth you must say, “yes I can do that, it is maybe difficult but it is possible, someone has already succeeded in this field therefore I can do it too, anything is possible, I am capable…” these speech patterns will help you change your thoughts thus your life.


When you talk to yourself, you create new neuro-pathways in your subconscious mind. You can do that without speaking, in your mind, nonetheless research has shown, it is much more effective to speak out loud. Your subconscious mind is fed in a more efficient way by spoken words.

Feeding your subconscious mind is the keystone, Napoleon Hill called that auto-suggestion, you have to use speech patterns as I have mentioned above, but with FEELING and VISUALISING. Feeding your mind will enable you to change your thoughts deeply.

By reading and listening to daily positive statements about your goal, you will be fed consistently and you will finally FEEL and SEE your “new life”. Visualisation is the stepping stone, you have to visualise your goal your dream your success, moreover it is not brain surgery to do that.

Feeling means you feel deeply in your body and know with certainty that you can reach what you have always expected, your gut tells you that you are bound to succeed.

Research carried out about auto-suggestion has shown that it is powerful, provided that you feed your mind as often as you can, repetition is the mother of skill. In doing so you are going to increase your belief, your faith, and you will end up believing more deeply that YOU CAN DO IT.

You probably know the famous Emil Coué formula “Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better”

However in order to make it work, you must associate these repetitions with emotion and faith. Emotion is created by emotion, your five senses are fed by emotion.

Emotion will make you expand your EMOTION, BELIEF, FAITH, otherwise you cannot influence your subconscious mind which is actually the Emotional Mind.

Take a glance at this article about the mind and our habits.

Obviously, this process must be carried out consistently without giving up (have a look at this post “Never Give Up” it will help you a lot). Persistence is a quality you must get too.

In a nutshell, implement these instructions as if you were a child, increase your belief and your emotions the way children do.

Follow these instructions to the letter, and it will open the way for a complete understanting, your thoughts will evolve and finally your life as well.

Remember that, your marvellous mind (your thoughts) allows you to change everything in your life.

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.


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“Follow your dreams believe in yourself – your life will never be the same”

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