The recipe of success inspired by Anthony Robbins


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What I am going to address today is the recipe of success. I have taken part in several coaching programmes and personal development programmes so I am going to unveil this useful and helpful guide.


Everything begins with a belief: your beliefs come from your childhood what you have learnt with your parents, at school and they depend on how you have been brought up, your education, your life, and so forth. Of course you have some positive beliefs and some negative ones. Your positive beliefs make you move forward and the negative ones hold you back. Remember that our beliefs give us the power to fail or succeed.

Henry Ford said this way: “If you think you can or if you think you can’t either way you’re right” 

Our success in life depends on a simple recipe, here it is:


POTENTIAL           →           ACTION


BELIEFS              ←        RESULTS


How does it work?

If you believe that you are not going to reach a goal, an exam or anything else your potential and your resources will not be boosted and stimulated so you will not take much action so your results will not be impressive, therefore it will strengthen your initial negative belief.

As a result you reinforce your negative belief which means your potential is not stimulated again so your action is less than ever before your results are worse and so on. The common saying is “I told you it would not work” and you are right, you have stimulated your brain to believe that it will not work and that is what has happened to you.

In that way this diagram is called the vicious circle.

However action is not as significant as you might think and it does not guarantee your success. Why? Because for instance if you wish to sell something and all day long you knock on hundreds doors without enthusiasm, without the right attitude, you are bound to sell nothing whatsoever. Your results will be poorer and your beliefs about your products will be worse and worse.


The key: it is your BELIEFS

In that way when your beliefs are strong about the dream, the goal you really wish to achieve, guess what?

You are going to use and stimulate your inner full potential and then your action will be better with more enthusiasm therefore your results will be better and in the end your results strengthen your initial beliefs, and it continues on and on, your potential is more stimulated and so on… You are going to believe more deeply in your success with more energy more desire, your outcome will be extraordinary then. That is how it truly works.

In that way this diagram is called the virtuous circle.



The next stage is how can I change my negative beliefs in positive ones. We will see that in a future post.

Remember the recipe we have seen today, work on your beliefs first and change the vicious circle to a virtuous circle, you are on the verge of success.

“Follow your dreams believe in yourself – your life will never be the same”

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