Hard work does not equal money!


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Generally speaking the majority of people thinks that the more you work the more you make money. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that is totally wrong.

It is common to think that, however it does not function like that.

The most important thing in order to reach your goal is not what you might think at first sight. Firstly you have to set your heart on what you really want to achieve, however the more energy you use does not necessary guarantee your success.

You can find a great deal of examples where some people focus all their energy on a particular goal, unfortunately they never reach their objective.

The key is your thinking, you must think in a positive way as well as you have to visualise your dream, no matter how big your dream is.

Nevertheless why do people who work hard make little money?

If you take massive action, but in a wrong way it can last for months on end without getting any results. Furthermore unlike the majority of people thinks, it is completely possible to earn money without effort or at least with much less effort than you could have thought possible.

I’ll explain how.

We have seen in one of my previous post “the training balance scale” (click here) on one side of the scale it is the thought process, and on the other side it is the actions. The WHY process and the HOW process.

If you don’t have the right thinking you can slog away for ages and not succeeding. As a result you are going to be discouraged, feeling down in the dumps and finally you may be on the brink of giving up what you were eager to get.

Hard work has not helped you reach your goal, thus hard work does not equal money.

Becoming wealthy has nothing to do with a donkey work, it has to do with the right idea, the right beliefs, the right actions. If you reckon that becoming wealthy has to do with intelligence you are on the wrong track.

Einstein was one of the smartest men throughout history even though he was not rich, the cleverest men are not the richest ones. On the other hand the richest are not the smartest, they only apply this simple formula IDEA, BELIEF, ACTIONS, continuously. You have to wipe out these kinds of beliefs which hold you back, some inner limiting beliefs must be eliminated.

Who doesn’t know anyone less smart than ourselves who makes money?

Your « IDEA » has not to be the best idea of the world, but you need one. Then you have to deeply believe in YOUR idea and finally you must take massive action consistently. That is the right approach and it is a far cry from working hard. So many people throughout the world work hard, are snowed under with their work and they dramatically fail however.

Your beliefs make you succeed. The wealthy have worked just during one period of time on their project consistently, and have always believed no matter how big or difficult their dream was, that success would occur one day.

Persistence is critically important likewise, in the main when people do not see results quickly they quit, they give up. Persistence enables you to continue building your project, and what feeds persistence? YOUR BELIEFS again.

When you have a burning desire for something, you CANNOT give up, because your thoughts and your gut tell you that you are on the right track, you know it you feel it. You are completely convinced that one day you will reach your goal.

It is the reason why you must not listen to others who always tell you, your objective is too high, your goal is too difficult, it’s not worth it, do not listen to them.

Although in doing so, most of the time your entourage really does want to help you, nevertheless do not listen to them, follow your dream your desire your intuition.

Remember that if you do not deeply believe in your goal, stop working hard because “hard work does not equal money”.

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