The four steps of success!


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If you want to succeed you have to implement a proven method, first you have to visualise what you want to have, be or do, it is your dream, and shortly afterwards you must have a plan.

What is the training balance scale?

Mainly as people want to reach their goal they work hard, they work as hard as possible, a donkey work to achieve their aim. However it is not the right method. First of all you have to know what the training balance scale is, few people know what it is though it is the gist.

One side of the scale is made up with thinking, thoughts, desires, dreams, goals, objectives, attitude. It is how you think and how you feel also, your emotions, this side of the scale deals with THE WHY PROCESS.

On the second side of the scale, it is actions, what you do, technics, skills, strategies, plans, this side of the training balance scale deals with THE HOW PROCESS.

Why people fail?

Because they spend too much time on the HOW, on the actions, they work hard as I said at the onset of my post. People spend a lot of time and money in seminars how to be successful with gourou where they are taught technics, skills, methods, the HOW, and people fail because they are not motivated.

The nitty-gritty is the thought, the key is your thoughts, your dream and above all the way you feel. The HOW is irrelevant.

You have to focus all of your attention on the THOUGHTS, it is 99,9% of the importance to make success work. Work on the thoughts process, people fail because they set their heart on the HOW, don’t worry about the HOW.

When your thinking is right the thoughts are correct the HOW doesn’t matter, with a strong WHY, dream, goal, the HOW will show up, it will be presented to you. When you get the hang of it and you really figure that out, you can move forward and learn the next concept: the four steps.

There are four steps which will allow you to deeply master the recipe of success and acquire any information.

First step:

It is called unconscious incompetence, this is when you don’t know that you don’t know.

Second step:

It is called conscious incompetence, this is when you know that you don’t know.

Third step:

It is called conscious competence, this is when you know that you know.

Fourth step:

It is called unconscious competence, this is when you know automatically, it’s called autopilot.

Your objective is to get unconscious competence, where this information that you are learning is part of you and it’s happening automatically, naturally like your own language, your own name, you don’t think about it. You are unconsciously competent, it’s autopilot.

If I ask you can you tie your shoelaces you bend over and you tie your shoelaces without thinking. Remind you when you first tied your shoelaces, the four steps, you didn’t know that you didn’t know, soon thereafter you became consciously incompetent you knew that you didn’t know then you were taught how to do it and you became consciously competent you had to think thoroughly about it, and finally you became unconsciously competent.

There are heaps of things you do automatically, driving home for instance you don’t think about it any longer, it is automatic.

In order to succeed you have to get the information at the unconscious level, every person who is successful and has a good head for something (great artists, great athletes…) becomes unconscious competent by doing it over and over again, things occur easily and effortlessly the outcome appears by magic.

You know consciously what to do by now, apply that and you will fulfil your dreams.


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