The vocabulary of success!



What we say is critically important, roughly speaking it stands for, what we say influences our brain and our actions.

What you say is what you get!



What do I mean by that?

The way you speak affects your subconscious mind, you feed it. Your words affect your subconscious mind and your actions are completely influenced by them much more than you might even think possible.

As you are cognisant of that, you must change your vocabulary, you must use the vocabulary of success so as to succeed.

The vocabulary of success is speech patterns, powerful words, positive words, words which will enable you to think, act, and do things differently.

It is worth mentioning first you have to avoid negative words,I do not want that, I cannot do that, or in questions like, do you not want that, will you not buy that..” . When you use these words you deeply influence your brain negatively, therefore you are NOT persuasive at all and the person in front of you is NOT convinced whatsoever. Thereby do NOT use these words they do more harm than good.

You must NOT use conditional tense because you create a doubt in yourself and within the person you are talking with. Conditional tense strengthens the fact it could not happen, so you create in yourself some bad neuro-pathways. You have to use the present tense, “I want, I decide or I am doing, I am getting…” .

Words such as “I hope, I wish, I try…” (Trying is failure with honour), such words are useless and harmful, you have to say “I can do it, I do it, I win, I succeed, I am going to reach it or I am reaching…”

Words such as “perhaps, maybe, probably, likely …” “I will probably pass my exam, I maybe set up my own business…” they are all ineffective. You must say “certain to, sure to, bound to, there is no room for doubt…” in doing so you wipe out doubts in your mind.

You have to use “I” “I make up my mind, I resolve, I am eager, I am hell-bent on, I crave…” your inner talk is fundamental you have to put your foot down, affirm your will, your longing.

So with “I” you become stronger you know what you want. You reinforce and bolster your willpower and it gives you a much stronger motivation, it is what happens in the brain. This might make it hard for some of you to figure that out, or to believe in that, it might sound weird likewise nonetheless it truly does work.

Research has shown that these « negative » words, expressions, speech patterns have been taking their toll. It has been proved that this way of speaking is doomed to failure and can create mental blocks, in the long run it can also trigger inner limiting beliefs.

Your psychology is completely different depending on your way of speaking.

I strongly believe that it does work, I highly recommend you to implement a new inner talk. Change your vocabulary and you will see new results, do it right away and you will see tremendous outcome.


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