“your wish is your command” the key to success with the law of attraction


“Whatever the mind of men can conceive, and bring itself to believe, it can achieve”

                                                            Napoleon Hill


« Your wish is your command » the key to success, what is the process? This process is taught by the law of attraction.


Napoleon Hill learnt techniques and secrets in order to achieve any goal in life and wrote several books in which he unveiled stategies and secrets. These secrets had not been revealed to the general public until he published books. One of these books I highly recommend is “Think and Grow Rich” the most famous besides.

These secrets have been taught in secret societies (the Freemason, the Brotherwood, the Skull and Bones, the Illuminati and countless others in the world) until now. Napoleon Hill was taught by Andrew Carnegie who belonged to some of these secret societies and was at that time the richest man of the world.

Here is the process

Step 1: Define your dream

Step 2: Get a burning desire for its achievement

This is a mental process, you have to focus all your mind on your dream and get a burning desire and that will make it occur.

First stage to make it work, it must be your first goal for everything you want to achieve, it is the most important thing: number one always the most important, you must always have as a goal to feel good right now.

It is about your emotions, being happy, being content, feeling secure, being confident, feeling grateful, feeling blessed, feeling exhilaration. You have to feel as good as you can right now.

Step 1: Define your dream

You have two options, you can be specific or be general. The third option we have just seen is feeling good right now, all of these options work.

Specific, define very precisely what you want, clearly know what you want. It can be anything. For instance you may say, I want a new car, you can be general I want a Mercedes or you can be specific I want a black S Class Mercedes.

Step 2: Get a burning desire for its achievement

Earl Nightingale said “You become what you think about most of the time”

You get what you think about most of the time. So you have to think about your black Mercedes, what is happening? Your brain is transmitting a frequency of the black Mercedes.

However without a burning desire your dream is not strong enough to make it work. So you must crave for your black Mercedes, you are dying for your black Mercedes. The intensity of the transmission that is coming out of your brain that you are broadcasting is very high, frequent and much more powerful.

Your attitude must be right, you do not have to think about THE HOW. The law of attraction will make it happen, events and circonstances are going to cross your road, and it will create what you want.

The vast majority of what is available is off your radar screen you cannot see it and imagine it. Unfortunately people look at their radar screen. Stop looking at your radar screen.

What you want wants you, the universe will create events and put people in your life to make what you want happen.

You can have anything you want as long as you believe.

Remind you the quote “whatever the mind of men can conceive, and bring itself to believe, it can achieve”.

It stops if you do not believe you can get it, your vibration is no longer powerful. In countless books and seminars about the law of attraction they teach you to get big dreams, “dream big, get your dream bigger”. Nevertheless it does not work at all, it is totally wrong as a result people are disappointed and claim that the law of attraction does not work whatsoever. It cannot work as your dream is too big.

The secret it has to be something you can believe in.

In order to know whether it does work, you must use your feelings as your guide, use your feelings to see if you are lining up, if you are in the sweet spot.

What is the sweet spot?

The desire, the goal, the dream, the objective that you want that will come to you the fastest is a dream that is in the sweet spot. The sweet spot is something you want which you really really want and in the same time you absolutely believe you can get it.

If you have a deep dream about something and you ask yourself what are the beliefs you can achieve this and all of a sudden massive doubt arise into your head, your beliefs crash, your dream is not in the sweet spot.

“Ask and you shall receive” you can see that in many religious texts.

Ask, believe what you ask for and you will receive whatever you ask, that is how it works. Apply that and your dreams will occur, do not forget that your wish is YOUR command.

« Where there is a will there is a way » now talk the talk and walk the walk.

To your success

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“Follow your dreams believe in yourself and your life will never be the same”

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