You will never win if you never begin


Hello everyone,

What a tremendous quote!

what does it mean?

There are two categories of people, those who think over their life all year round and those who take action.


Which category do you belong to?

You can have a terrific idea or any kind of goal, however what makes you succeed? ACTION

Generally speaking people do not take action. When they have made a decision, issued a statement such as « I will do it » « I will take up this or that » « I will stop this », they never take action, New Year’s resolution is a perfect example.


Because they have mistaken DREAM for REALITY.

There is a big difference between them, you must dream if you really crave for reaching your objective, dream is the first stage you have to get. Nothing has ever been achieved without a big dream.

Martin Luther King said “I have a dream” and went on to deliver one of the most powerful influential speeches ever.

Nevertheless to make your dream come true you must take action otherwise it will remain only a dream. Most people do not take action because either they do not believe in their dream (they do not believe in themselves in reality) or they do not have a burning desire for its achievement. Either it is a lack of motivation or a low self-confidence, it is why you have to work on your dream first.

As a result the stronger your dream is the more you are likely to take action easily and effortlessly.

Nobody is perfect, so knowing that you must begin even if your self-confidence is not as high as you would like it to be, you must begin, by doing so you are going to acquire some confidence as one goes along.

It is called confidence competence loop. The more you take action the more you build your confidence, remind yourself when you were a child, in the first place you fell off the bike continuously however you kept on taking massive action over and over again and at the end of the day you succeeded.

If you had not begun you would never have succeeded.

Never wait for being perfect to begin you will never be perfect. If you had waited for learning to go cycling to begin you would never have begun as you did not know how to do it.

Take action right away!

« You do not have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great »

Moreover action removes fear, doubt, worry.

So you want to do something but you are in two minds about it, because of fear, lack of skills, doubt… I urge you to take action immediately, be on the road, just do it, you will improve over time and remind yourself « you will never win if you never begin ».

Take care

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