How could you become a trusted authority online?



An online business has become prevalent for a great deal of people throughout the world. Internet has been increasing over the last decade therefore more and more people want to set up an online business.


However set up a business over the internet is not as easy as you could imagine although some people want you to think so. Everybody who wants to start up an online business would like to make a fortune or at least keep the wolf from the door.

In order to earn your living you have to find an idea, a product or a service which will enable anyone to buy from you. Nonetheless there are two main pitfalls, first there are already countless identical services or identical products that already exist online, and second your future clients have to seek you out and find you out online, and that is a big issue.

Traffic is the keynote of success as well as failure.

Those who have made a profit online have succeeded because they became a trusted authority.

As you become a trusted authority more and more clients will buy from you over and over again, you will then become more popular with more clients, thus more traffic. A virtuous circle will be automatically triggered.

So as to become a trusted authority online it may be not as long as you might think, because it is not a question of time but rather a question of proficiency. Let me explain to you this concept.

What matters most is what you do offer to your clients, they have to be aware that your service or your product is really useful for them.

Some people on the internet have built a trusted authority very quickly because their clients have noticed that the service, the product or even better the person has become a TRUSTWORTHY REFERENCE.

How could you become a trusted authority online then?

There are a couple of things you have to do, firstly you have to be honest and authentic. It may be crystal clear for you but a trusted authority must be built on an heartfelt and truthful relationship.

If you want anyone to buy from you it is really significant and the linchpin of your business.

However you may be wondering how could I become a trusted authority, I have no experience whatsoever, I have no idea, no product, no service, etc…

Here is one thing very important:


Everybody on planet earth is at least proficient at one thing. For instance it may be in fixing cars, in mending labour-saving devices, in giving advice in psychology, in writing letters, in playing a game, in playing a music instrument or anything else.

Moreover if by any chance you knew nothing (that is nearly impossible actually) you could tell people about your own story.

One of the main strategies is to talk about a problem that occured to you, so you tell your story and finally you give advice away how you have overcome your pitfalls and hurdles.

This strategy truly does works, most of the “gourous” use it. In doing so you are about to become a specialist of the issue you have resolved, you will be acquiring credibility because you will have made a breakthrough and revealed the solution.

As a rule of thumb, being a specialist of what has happened to anyone enables anyone to become a trusted authority.

You have the experience, you have coped with your problem and eventually you have unveiled the solution. Being seen as a specialist is really significant.

You then tell people on your site that you have already acquired a lot of knowledge, gained an extensive practical hands-on experience in your domain, developed expertise, thus you are more likely to become a trusted authority.

Remind you when you do want to become a trusted authority online it is necessary to show and prove that you are already proficient, it will give you a cast-iron credibility.

Do not forget the magic formula LEARN DO TEACH (take a glance at it) in order to become a trusted authority the magic formula is LEARN DO SELL.

As a result you will get the authority and the credibility to give tips, hints and advice, your clients will trust you even more and you will be able to strike gold.

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